Learn How To Live a PCOS free life

Learn the 5 STEP "PRIME" FORMULA which can help you manage your PCOS naturally for Life!

Over 100 women have benefitted from this training.

Hi! I'm COACH AJ - Amarjeet Bains

I am a Women's Holistic Health Coach

a Certified Menopause Coaching Specialist


Associate Member of the PCOS Society of India

I am on a mission to help 100,000 women with PCOS in embracing a healthy lifestyle in order to manage their PCOS for life.

I believe every woman is unique and deserves to be empowered with the right applied holistic knowledge for her health which she can use to be the best version of herself.

I coach women to help them discover the best of their health and wellness through an Easy-to-Apply 5 STEP HOLISTIC APPROACH

Holistic Health For All

Health is supposed to be HOLISTIC in nature.

Every woman deserves a Healthy life through a Holistic Approach without any side effects of medicines or supplements.

My Mission and Vision is to provide easy Holistic Solutions to Women at various stages of their life.

Holistic Solutions

In the past 15 years , I have understood that the current Fitness approach is broken & needs a more complete approach.

Health and Fitness is a sum of Mental, Physical and Social Health.

My expertise is the knowledge and application of my holistic approach to Health

Holistic Diva's Club

I founded this community in the year 2023.

Every woman needs a personal space which feels safe and loving to openly express herself.

This community is the sacred space for women to express themselves and to give them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams  

Holistic Diva's Hub

With over 100+ members and growing, we are building a new way of connecting and community building for women in this new busy world.

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The "PRIME" formula for Holistic Hormonal Health

Are you tired of having Hormonal Weight, Acne, Irregular Periods, Anxiety, Loneliness, Sleep issues, Digestive issues, Brain fog and no energy throughout the day?

Learn the "PRIME" formula for Reversing your PCOS

Empower yourself with the knowledge that will help you live a PCOS free life.

The PRIME formula will not only help you cope with the symptoms, but will also help you all throughout your life.

90 day Challenge for creating your dream life

Apply what you learn in Step 1 and get to create the life of your dreams in 90 days.

I will help you through a "Diva-thon" process which will be my Personal Coaching every week to help you apply what you learn and to help you get your desired results in 90 days.

Join the "Holistic Diva's Club" and get a lifetime of community support

Connect with women who are on the same boat as you and help transform each other. Everyone loves a friend with a supportive open heart and who can help you go through your tough times. 

Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started as a digital coach.

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